Open jobs / OL 3

Here are some requirements for these positions. If interested just ask for more information.

COM338 System Responsible for Radio-monitoring Team

Starting 26/10/2017 until 30/04/2018.

Intermediate knowledge of written and oral English

Engineering degree

Experience in commissioning based on the TXP or RMS product line

Experience and knowledge of MIRION components

Experience and knowledge of Canberra products

Understanding nuclear physics and principles of radiation protection

CON294 Commercial Officer for Painting team

Starting ASAP and for a duration of 11 months.

Experience in commercial handling of big projects.

Fluent English.

COM279 NI Radiation Protection Engineer

Starting ASAP. Duration until 12/2018.

Several years of experience as radiation protection engineer in nuclear power plants.

Radiation protection supervision experience during outages in nuclear power plant.

Knowledge about international and European requirements for radiation protection.

Experience with decontamination persons, systems and material.

Knowledge about radiation measurement techniques.

COM570 NSSS Commissioning Project Engineer

Duration about 10 months.

Mechanical, equipment or nuclear technician/engineer.

At least one year of experience in construction site.

Microsoft Office Suite, Documentum and AIMS.

Knowledge of transfer process.

Fluent English.

COM580 Field Instrumentation Commissioning Technician / Engineer

Electrical or mechanical engineer.

Valve/actuator diagnostic knowledge and advanced knowledge on vibration measurements is a must. Advanced knowledge on instrumentation and measurement.

Fluent English.

MS Excel Reporting, COEDM 1.4, OPMS, AIMS, CMS…

COM628 IC Commissioning Engineer (TXS)

Starting ASAP and for a duration of 7 months.

Ought to be familiar with TXS technology (hardware and software products), TXS engineering and maintenance equipment, peripheral testing tools either at Test Bay or during commissioning, establishment and/or review of TXS system test procedures.

Fluent English.

COM555-COM556-COM557 and COM563-COM564 Commissioning technician – HVAC systems

Starting ASAP and for a duration of 08 months.

HVAC systems or nuclear technician.

Fluent English. T

wo years outage/commissioning experience.

Microsoft Office Suite.

Knowledge of system commissioning activities.

Commercial nuclear plant (PWR) operational or test experience.

Two years field experience in nuclear power plant or preliminary working period with in nuclear project.


Starting ASAP and for a duration of 12 months.

Mechanical engineer.

Fluent English.

10 years of experience in design and/or commissioning and/or operation of nuclear power plants.

3 years of experience in the mechanical commissioning of OL3.

3 years of experience with work orders and blockings as requestor and for clarification.

Knowledge about the documentation of OL3.

Ability to work on the different process diagram, isometrics, preparation of solution and support for inventories in the field.

General understanding of mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and measurement/instrumentation technology.

General understanding in electrical and I&C technology.

MS Office.

Working experience in EPR commissioning and with permit to work offices.

COM572 CT shift preparation HFT

Starting ASAP and for a duration of 4 months.

Mechanical equipment or nuclear technician.

Fluent English.

At least one year of commissioning/outage experience.

Knowledge of system commissioning activities.


Starting ASAP and for a duration of 6 months.

Nuclear technician.

Fluent English.

Knowledge of system commissioning activities.


Starting ASAP and for a duration of 10 months.

General, process or mechanical engineer.

Fluent English.

At least 10 years of field experience in nuclear power plant.

PWR technology.

System design or commissioning experience.

MS Office.


Starting ASAP and for a duration of 12 months.

CWS69 procedure intent to provide the evidence that all I&C functions related to Nuclear Island are properly tested, in frame of Commissioning activities.

ln order to fulfill with CWS69 procedure, the Supplier will have to execute the following activities for each batch of I&C function which will be assigned to him:

1. Analysis:

- Highlight of I&C logic covered by process commissioning instructions, and if needed, test bay results.

- Check of I&C function coverage, based on System Descriptions

- Proposal of process commissioning instructions improvement in order to ensure the expected I&C function test coverage.

2. Test procedure elaboration:

- Elaboration of Commissioning lnstructions "CI69" aiming at covering previously identified gaps, based on I&C simulation

- Definition of the simulations needed for their implementation on site

3. Execution:

- Execution of the tests with support of related I&C commissioning sections

- Issuance of the test reports including the assessment of the I&C test outcomes

- Delivery of test report to related process commissioning engineer

4. Control and monitoring:

- Provide inputs to progress measurement and reporting

- lnitiate corrective actions in case of deviations

The Supplier has to be able to perform some functional analysis, covering on one hand the process requirements, and on the other hand the I&C implementation.

CON382-CON383 Scaffold supervision works

Starting ASAP and for a duration of 10months.

Strong experience in scaffolding works.

Knowledge in modular scaffolds.

Experience in supervisor duties.

Fluent English.

Microsoft Office, Excel.

Experience with works on large construction sites.

CON361-362 Building Commissioning Engineer

Starting ASAP and for a duration of 12 months.

Bachelor or master degree of engineering with specific knowledge in construction technology.

Education in civil engineering, electrical or mechanical engineering with good knowledge of nuclear civil works procedures and documentation.

Several years of experience in OL3 project is mandatory.

Professional English.

MS Office.

EP545 As-built Documentation for Electrical

Engineer with/without Bachelor or Master in Electrical Engineering or related.

Experience in Electrical engineering or related (e.g. Cabling, Transformer, Electrical

Actuators, Switchgears, Motors, UPS-Systems, etc.)

Knowledge of the OL3-Project (tools, project-structure, teams & documentation)

Knowledge in AutoCAD, pdf-processing, MS-Office (including MS Access)

Knowledge in PDMS (Plant Design Management Tool - no operator skills needed)

Knowledge in Work with Data Bases

Fluent English.

SC021 and SC022 Quantity Surveyor

Starting 01/08/2017 and for a duration of 6 months.

Must have the ability to understand construction plans (civil or mechanical or electrical)

Must have the ability to work on the field (construction site, inside NI building…)

Must have strong IT skills (Excel and Word minimum, Access is an advantage)

PD037 to PD050 Open point team

Starting ASAP and for a duration of 12 months.

Engineering degree or Management degree.

Fluent English.

Some experience in design, commissioning or construction of industrial facilities (about one or more years).

Diverse technical profile (General, Process, Electrical, Mechanical).

If and when you are interested in this work assignments, please send a short free-form application by e-mail! (NB. In the subject field JOBCODE and number!) Thank you! a copy of the
Jos ja kun olet kiinnostunut näistä työtehtävistä, lähetä lyhyt vapaamuotoinen hakemus sähköpostilla! (Huom. merkitse aihe kenttään JOBCODE ja numero!) Kiitos! ja kopio