Structural engineering

Comprehensive and cost-efficient structural engineering

Our structural engineering services include engineering structures in accordance with Eurocodes, technical calculations, and data modelling.

We offer our customer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that takes into account the intended usage of the facility. To ensure this goal we push for co-operation of different engineering fields.

In addition to comprehensive structural engineering, we can also provide engineering work on smaller sections of a project, such as product part engineering for steel and concrete element structures. We also provide services needed for structural engineering inspections, and strength analysis for steel, concrete, and wood structures in accordance with Eurocodes.

We specialize in both new buildings and renovation projects:

  • Warehouses
  • Facilities
  • Production sites
  • Stores
  • Apartment buildings

Also secondarily:

  • Advertisement pylons
  • Care and equipment stand
  • Foundations
  • Buildings
  • Tank and machinery foundations both earth-banked and anchored

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